Youth Apprenticeship: Valued Partners

We are so thankful for the opportunity to have Pulaski High School students working with us through the Youth Apprenticeship Program. We appreciate their commitment to Wood Tech Industries and are certain they will make a positive impact on our society in whatever vocation they choose to pursue.

Mason Murray: “I like working with my hands and am thinking about doing something in construction. I like working with the team members because a lot of the jobs we do here (at Wood Tech) are with someone else.”

Trevor Daniels: “I like learning about all the different machines and working in a shop with the people (at Wood Tech Industries).”

Mason Christensen: “I want to go into some sort of career in woodworking and learning about all the different types of machines has really helped me.”

Mitchell Specht: “I’ve learned that quality really matters when constructing products. I like how flexible Brock is with sports schedules and working around them.”

Youth Apprenticeship Teammates
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